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A celebration of natural, organic beauty, Organix echoes tones of bohemian style and lends a loving nod to Mother Earth. Natural hair textures are supplemented by subtle extravagancies of length and volume.


Romanticism spirals through this collection of dominant braided headdresses, exaggerated volume and intentional natural waves. The successful execution of volume and texture techniques lovingly complements desirable extensions, culminating in the ultimate fusion of nature and drama.


Understated Earth-tones are paired with smoky and jewel-toned eye shadows for a playful twist on a timeless classic revitalized for a new generation.

The Process

  Alisa Smith, Ashley Malone, Patricia DiNino

  Apryl Harris, Stacey Mayerchik, Samantha Shafer

  Yvette Perez

  Alex Slattery

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The Models

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The Designers

Ashley Benson

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Fashion student at Palomar College, Ashley Benson is one half of the team of designers that created the pieces worn in Organix. Her “pattern dress” was inspired by her return to school. “I wanted to create a recycled dress out of materials that I was using daily.  So I designed my dress from scrap linen fabric and tissue paper from sewing patterns,” she explains. This piece combined scrap linen with tissue paper from pattern pouches.


As for Benson’s plans for her future as a designer? After finishing her fashion degree, she plans to work on another green line, but next time – lingerie!

Bettina Heinz

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Bettina is a PhD Chemist turned designer and artist. She was born in Germany, but is an American citizen. She was always involved in the creative process, whether on the molecular level in research or producing works of visual arts.


Human ornament remains always one of her passions, for which she has retained the ability for traditional crafts. She is inspired by tribal arts, ethnic costumes and ornaments, as well as ancient cultures around the world. She always has an eye for found objects such as packaging materials which she converts into costumes to exalt the human form, male and female.